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Mazda 323 / Familia (Protege) Information

MAZDA 323 & PROTEGE 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 WORKSHOP REPAIR MANUAL
This the contents of a Disc you can purchase of eBay for $20-25 (probably more with shipping).

This is the information I collected while I owned my own '92 Famila Interplay, I have a scanned Haynes manual pdf in there for those of us who need it. I found limited pre-2000 Mazda Familia information online, so I had to research a few things - discover things out for myself and I also found an old XP-era Mitchell On-Demand which covered this car and I was able to document and extract a fair bit of infomation from it.

A '00 Protege & Protege5 Owners Manual, Parts Catalogue & Service Manual.

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Does appear to have a bit of Russian stuff on it - fairly good folder for the 323 which is model the base model for the Familia...

Mazda Protege/Protege5 Service Manuals